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The 9 Best Kettlebells On the Market in 2021

Whatever your training needs are, your search for the perfect kettlebell ends here.

We receive free products to review and may receive commissions on purchases made through our links. See our disclosure page for details.

The beauty of a kettlebell is in its simplicity. Who would have thought that a ball of cast-iron with a single handle could provide so much benefit? You can swing and snatch a kettlebell for more power, raise and rotate a lighter bell for shoulder health, and use them instead of dumbbells for a new training stimulus. It’s why over the decade, kettlebells have become increasingly popular with weekend warriors to athletes and everyone in between.

This surge in popularity means that more manufacturers produce kettlebells. So, more thought is required when choosing the right kettlebell for you. Don’t worry. We’ve spent hundreds of hours testing multiple kettlebells in a variety of scenarios — and we found the best kettlebells for every type of kettlebell workout and athlete. 

The Best Kettlebells

Best Overall Kettlebell

The best overall kettlebell should be durable, have outstanding grip, and be built to last a lifetime.

Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

Well, we found it. This kettlebell tops our list because it performed exceptionally well in all of our tests. We like the bell’s powder coating, which takes chalk very well and supports grip without it. Additionally, we’re fans of this kettlebell’s single-cast casting process, which gives Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat bell an extremely durable feeling. Possibly the biggest perk is the lifetime warranty that comes along with the kettlebell.

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Who Should Buy Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

  • Athletes that want a bell to go the distance. This kettlebell comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Lifters need a kettlebell that will perform well in every setting with a handle that works with and without chalk.
  • Users that want to workout at home and need a kettlebell with a nice flat bottom finish.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

  • Someone on a budget. This kettlebell is priced higher than most others. 
  • Beginners who are just getting into kettlebell training and might use a kettlebell once in a blue moon.
  • Folks who want to buy multiple sets of kettlebells. The cost will add up quickly. 

Best Kettlebell for Home Gyms

The best kettlebell for home workouts needs to be constructed well, focused on performance, but most importantly, drop-resistant so it doesn’t ruin floors in the event of accidents.

Rogue Fitness Rubber Coated Kettlebell

Kettlebells are easy to store and, as a bonus, look pretty cool. So, they’re a no-brainer for your home gym. Plus, you don’t need a lot of space to do kettlebell swings or snatch a kettlebell.  What makes a particular kettlebell better for the home is its coating. Rogue has produced a rubber-coated kettlebell, which, if dropped, won’t damage floors as badly as cast-iron or steel might. The one downside is that these range from 25 to 70 pounds, so if you want to go lighter or heavier, you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

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Who Should Buy the Rogue Fitness Rubber Coated Kettlebell

  • Any lifter that is overly cautious of dropping a kettlebell on their floor.
  • Lifters that like a rubber coat for their bell when making contact with the skin.
  • Lifters who store their kettlebells on the floor, and not a weight rack.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Fitness Rubber Coated Kettlebell

  • Those who prefer the feel of cast-iron. Hey, some people are purists!

Best Competition Kettlebell

A great competition kettlebell needs to be carefully crafted and specifically designed for competitions so that kettlebell athletes can train accordingly. 

Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell 

The Kettlebells used in Kettlebell Sport are built to a certain dimension. The Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell meets all of the competition measurement requirements and is available in weights from eight kilograms all the way up to 49 kilograms. It’s also cast from a mold. That means there’s no welding and, therefore, sharp and painful edges or a welders rod, which is inserted into the bell and can vibrate, which is distracting. 

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Who Should Buy the Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell 

  • Kettlebell Sport competitors who need to acclimate to a competition-grade kettlebell.
  • Those who want a kettlebell that isn’t welded

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Kettlebell Kings Competition Kettlebell 

  • Beginners who need a kettlebell for traditional workouts.
  • People who don’t plan to compete in Kettlebell Sport.

Best Kettlebell for Beginners

Beginners need a kettlebell that is basic, comfortable to use, and won’t break the bank. 

Rogue Powder Coat Kettlebell

Rogue is a tried-and-true brand known for quality construction — so the quality of this product is high. What makes this a great beginner kettlebell is that it’s, essentially, the Goldilocks of kettlebells. The coating is comfortable, the dimensions of the bell, including the handle, scale-up in size, and it’s available from 12 to 88 pounds — which is just right for most lifters. However, experienced kettlebell athletes may want a kettlebell with better outlined or specific dimensions. And if you prefer steel, the powder coat covers it. 

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Who Should Buy the Rogue Powder Coat Kettlebell

  • Recreational lifters that want a kettlebell for swings and cleans, but also more complicated flows. That is, once you learn how to flow
  • Folks who need just a basic kettlebell that scales in size and offers no frilly “extras.”
  • Lifters who want a more comfortable kettlebell. The powder coat is easier on the skin. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Powder Coat Kettlebell

  • Strictly competitive kettlebell athletes that need to practice on a competition kettlebell.
  • Lifters who prefer raw steel or a different coating, like rubber. 

Best Kettlebell for Group Training

If you like to workout in a group setting, then you’ll need multiple sets of kettlebells. For that reason, they need to be durable and available in a wide range of weights. 

Perform Better Gravity Kettlebell

Perform Better offers 22 different weights, ranging from two to 60 kilograms. That’s a ton of variety. If you are a trainer who needs to buy weights in bulk or train in a group, you can buy various poundages. They’re also compact, so easier to lug around if you like to train outdoors or want to haul them with you on a road trip. As a bonus, Perform Better is known for its stellar customer service, so you’ll feel cared for when dealing with the brand. 

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Who Should Buy Perform Better Gravity Kettlebell

  • People who value good customer service.
  • Folks who want a large range of weight options.
  • Lifters who train in a group or on the go and want a compact kettlebell to carry around.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Perform Better Gravity Kettlebell

  • Kettlebell athletes or lifters who want a specifically-sized kettlebell.
  • Lifters who prefer a cast-iron or steel coating.

Best Kettlebell for CrossFit®-Style Workouts

Great kettlebells for functional fitness and CrossFit-style workouts need one key trait — and that’s versatility.

Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

CrossFit workouts take multiple forms, and for that reason, we think a kettlebell that matches multiple needs deserves the top spot. The powder coating is smooth so you won’t get nicked or cut, the textured handle prevents slippage for high-volume workouts, and the kettlebells are baked longer for a paint job that won’t wear out. 

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Who Should Buy Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

  • CrossFit athletes who need a utilitarian kettlebell for a variety of movements.
  • Folks who want a smooth bell that won’t nick or cut them during cleans and other movements.
  • People who use a kettlebell often. The paint job on this kettlebell won’t wear off, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

  • Penny pinchers. These aren’t a cheap product, comparatively. 

Best Kettlebell for the Money

The best value kettlebell, we think, is one that delivers top quality for a price most can afford. 

Rogue Kettlebell E Coat

Are there cheaper kettlebells available somewhere in the world? Sure. But Rogue’s E Coat kettlebell made our list because we believe it’s the best value for what you get. And what you get is an American-made kettlebell, forged from a single piece of ductile iron, and then finished with an electrically-applied E Coat. This special coating is extra resistant to corrosion, rust, and chips — so, considering that you probably won’t ever have to replace it, your money will go even further 

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Who Should Buy the Rogue Kettlebell E Coat

  • Those who are looking to buy kettlebells on a budget. These aren’t the cheapest out there, but they’re still below market price.
  • Folks who want a kettlebell that will last a long, long time. Rogue’s E Coat kettlebell is made with a special, ultra-durable coating. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Kettlebell E Coat

  • People who want a more specialized kettlebell, such as a competition or powder coat kettlebell. 

Best Kettlebell for Varied Hand Size

Handle diameters all vary slightly on kettlebells, which is why it’s important to take not of widths for those with smaller hands.

Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

Competition kettlebells have a handle diameter of 33 millimeters. Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat diameter handle increases along with the bell’s weight, going as low as 32mm and as high as 41mm for their 68-kilogram kettlebell. That’s quite a range. People will small or large hands can find a comfortable kettlebell. The grip on his bell is excellent, too, as the powder coat provides a texture that both non-chalked or chalked hands will have little issue handling.

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Who Should Buy Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

  • Athletes with either large or small hands. This brand offers a range of different handle sizes.
  • Folks who need bell with great grip. The powder coat is textured and allows for great handling.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell

Best Kettlebell for Cardio

Kettlebell cardio workouts usually involve more reps. For this reason, you want a kettlebell that is comfortable for long term use. 

Rogue Fitness Competition Kettlebell

The handle of this bell is 33mm, so it’ll fit almost all hand sizes comfortably. Rogue’s Competition Kettlebell edges are smoothed out, achieved with a specific casting process and the materials used. When you’re swinging or cleaning this bell for a lot of reps, you can bet you won’t cut up your skin much, if at all. 

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Who Should Buy the Rogue Fitness Competition Kettlebell

  • Athletes that plan to workout with kettlebells for long durations or entire workouts. 
  • Lifters that need a kettlebell that accommodates for forearm slap during jerks and snatches.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Fitness Competition Kettlebell

  • The casual gym-goer user who doesn’t use kettlebells often.
  • Beginners who are just getting into kettlebell training.

How We Decide The Best Kettlebells

When assessing the countless kettlebells we’ve reviewed, we looked at multiple performance characteristics. Then, to build this list, we broke every kettlebell into three main categories.


In terms of durability, we looked at multiple characteristics. For example, there are multiple ways to cast kettlebells, and often a bell’s casting process will correlate to its long-term durability

Additionally, we looked at a kettlebell’s coating, as this, like the casting process, can be a signal for long-term durability. A great coating can provide a better grip and will be chip resistant. Accounting for factors like this helped us assess the potential life of a kettlebell, so you can be ensured your money will go the distance.

best kettlebells


On top of the durability tests, we looked at the performance of every kettlebell. These are versatile pieces of workout equipment, so they need to perform well in multiple settings with both chalk and non-chalk users. Every handle’s coating and diameter can impact grip, so we spent extra time assessing their ability to support long-duration use.


Lastly, we assessed a kettlebell’s price. Let’s not beat around the bush here, investing in your own home gym equipment is a pretty big deal, and you obviously want the most for your money. By taking the above two characteristics into account and comparing them with price, we tried to identify the benefits of each kettlebell for the money you’d be putting into them.

What to Consider Before Buying

So, you’re interested in a new kettlebell. Here are some personal considerations that should be acknowledged before investing.

Your Training Style

You need to consider how and why you train and your training frequency before purchasing a kettlebell. If you’re a kettlebell athlete, for example, you’ll need a specific kettlebell of high quality. Beginners can get away with a cheaper, more basic version, while a more experienced lifter may want to invest in a nicer construction kettlebell. Or, if you engage in CrossFit or cardio workouts, then you’ll need a more comfortable bell with an outstanding grip for high-rep sets. 

Assess your workouts honestly and then look closet at a kettlebell’s features before clicking “buy.” Kettlebells aren’t the cheapest items, so you want to get it right before you shell out for one. 

woman squatting with kettlebell
Leszek Glasner/Shutterstock


Most kettlebells are going to be priced closely. So, we’ve made sure that the more expensive options are worth the uptick in price while the cheaper options are still of a certain quality. We take factors like construction, warranty, customer reviews, and our personal testing process all into consideration when looking at a kettlebell’s price tag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are kettlebells so effective?

Kettlebells are fantastic and effective training tools for a variety of reasons. First, they’re great for training multiple modalities like power, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Second, they can be used to train unilateral and bilateral movements with ease. And lastly, every fitness level can perform kettlebell variations that suit their needs and experience level best.

What are the kettlebell exercises I should learn first.

It’s tough to say exactly which kettlebell exercises are the most popular or most important, however, here are five that we think are worth learning first:

  1. Kettlebell Swing
  2. Kettlebell Clean
  3. Kettlebell Snatch
  4. Kettlebell Goblet Squat
  5. Kettlebell Clean & Press

What makes a quality kettlebell?

Everyone will have their own definition of a quality kettlebell, but after hours of testing, we’ve built our definition on three main qualities.

First, a quality kettlebell has a single-cast construction, as this means the kettlebell was created with one cast and isn’t pieced together with multiple types of metals.

Second, the coating is durable, chip, and rust-resistant. A strong coating can do wonders for prolonging your investment. Lastly, a quality kettlebell has a flat bottom finish and is void of seams and other signs of construction imperfections.

What is the best brand of kettlebell?

There are a lot of great kettlebell brands out there. For our round-up, we assess the best brands on multiple criteria including kettlebell construction, warranty, and functionality. We think Rogue is a quality brand and a safe fallback for anyone looking for any sort of kettlebell.

Are kettlebell swings considered cardio or weight training?

The kettlebell swing can be both cardio and strength focused depending on the reps, sets, and intensities you’re choosing to use.

Generally speaking, if you use lighter weight and perform more reps, then you’ll be performing with a slightly more cardiovascular focus. Whereas, if you perform heavy swings for fewer reps, then you’ll have more of strength and power focus.


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  1. What about Kettlebells USA? That’s the only place I have found for KB’s with a taller “Window”, ie, distance between the handle and the ball. The effect is the bell sits on the meat of the arm rather than higher up nearer the wrist. I think you were remiss not to inlcude KBUSA in the reviews.

  2. Hello, I’m a beginner and considering Vulcan Competition and Absolute Strength kettlebells. The Competition have that bare steel handle, with a clear-coat finish, while the Absolute Training have a powder coating. Any advice on which to maybe start with, a kettlebell at like 35 or 45 lbs for 2-handed swings? I’m leaning toward the Absolute Strength but wasn’t sure.. Thanks!!

  3. I think I could really use that kettle ball to strengthen my back. After having whiplash from a car accident a go to the chiropractor a lot if I could strengthen the muscles it would keep my back in place better

  4. Because of having my back go out a lot from having whiplash I think I could use that kettle ball to strengthen my back to keep it in place


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