Lifting gloves are a useful piece of supportive strength gear that can assist a number of people. The main function of using lifting gloves is typically for protection of one’s hands during long workouts. In addition, gloves can provide additional support for areas like the wrist, and grip for the thumbs and palm.

Are lifting gloves going to benefit every type of strength athlete? Of course not, but if you’re worried about prolonged wear and tear of your hands, then they can be increasingly beneficial. We reviewed multiple types of gloves and tried to take every glove using demographic into account.

In most cases, gloves are used by recreational lifters, functional fitness athletes, bodybuilders, and calisthenic athletes. Although, not every glove is created equal, which means you could spend a ton of time searching forums, Reddit, and Amazon trying to find your perfect glove for you. For this reason, we put out gloves through an exercise battery that other sites don’t include. Our exercise battery consisted of movements like rope climbs, pull-ups, and dumbbell rows.

Best Reviewed Lifting Gloves 2019

Below is a breakdown of our favorite lifting gloves for various purposes. Scroll below the video for even more picks!

Best Lifting Gloves for Wrist Support

The Aoliga Workout Gloves are the best versatile lifting gloves for multiple movements with additional wrist support.

The Aoliga Workout Gloves earned out top spot for three distinct reasons. First, they offer a 19″ wrist wrap, which can wrap around most folks wrists fully at least once. Second, they have a gel-esque padding on the palm, which makes them extremely versatile in multiple movements, which is a nice complement to the wrist support. Lastly, they hug the whole hand tight and didn’t slide around whatsoever.

The Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Gloves earn our second spot for wrist support. For many strength enthusiasts, they’ll already know the brand name Harbinger in the gym. The wrist wrap on these gloves were pretty long and had ample velcro to ensure long-lasting support. In addition, these gloves have a durable and well-made construction, so you won’t find them breaking down too soon.

Best Lifting Gloves Review
Best Lifting Gloves Review

The final glove on our wrist support list is the SEEU Weight Lifting Gloves. These gloves have a 17.5″ wrist wrap, which is a fairly long wrap for many gloves. Also, these gloves were pretty versatile in how they performed. For example, their palms have a textured rubber dot material, so they grip well on multiple surfaces while providing the wrist support you’re looking for.

Best Lifting Gloves for CrossFit

The MAVA Cross Training Lifting Gloves were my favorite gloves for CrossFit and functional fitness workouts.

Unlike other CrossFit focused lifting gloves that has an open back of the hand, the MAVA Cross Training Lifting Gloves only have an open thumb. Personally, I liked this feature for two reasons specifically. First, the open thumb is nice for any form of hook gripping that you may want to do during movements. Second, I like having my thumb free for rope climbs. In my opinion, I’d rather have a little more grip and freedom, then a glove that causes sacrifice in performance.

My second favorite gloves for CrossFit style workouts were the Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting GlovesUnlike other gloves that can be slightly limiting for things like handstand walks and rope climbs due to their finger holes, these gloves have a fully open back. I thought this was a nice feature for fully splaying the fingers in handstand walks, along with allowing me to fully wrap my hands on the rope during climbs.

Best Lifting Gloves Review
Best Lifting Gloves Review

My final pick for CrossFit style lifting gloves are the Aoliga Workout Gloves. These gloves have a solid wrist wrap, which at times can feel limiting in some movements, but they had the best grip on this list. For the reason of grip alone, I put them on this list because they’re versatile in terms of grip support, but not so much on things like handstands. If you’re doing rope climbs, kipping pull-ups, or anything else that requires a ton of, then these gloves are a good choice.

Best Lifting Gloves for Bodybuilding

My favorite glove for bodybuilding was the Harbinger FlexFit™ Lifting Gloves.

Harbinger is typically seen as a common brand among the bodybuilding community, so I thought it was fitting that their glove catered best for these needs. The Harbinger FlexFit™ Lifting Gloves offer a solid construction, and in my opinion, since most bodybuilding workouts are longer in duration, then that’s of the most importance. Often times, the movements they perform won’t be maximal weight, so construction is my biggest concern.

My second bodybuilding gloves pick is the Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting GloveI like these gloves because they felt pretty durable throughout all of my tests with them. In addition, there are two straps, which promote the glove’s feeling and security on the hand. Also, I was a fan of the rubber material Trideer used on their glove’s palm, and thought it did decent at gripping multiple materials.

Best Lifting Gloves Review
Best Lifting Gloves Review

The Harbinger BioForm™ Wristwrap Gloves earn my last pick for bodybuilding. They’re constructed well, so long workouts won’t break them down quickly. Also, I like that the BioForm material allows you to gain a solid grip on multiple surfaces, which is key for the avid bodybuilder going through multiple lifts.

Best Lifting Gloves for Grip

My favorite gloves for grip are the SEEU Weight Lifting Glove for three reasons.

I like this glove mostly for the rubber inserts that make up the palm and thumb. These inserts gripped metal and ropes decently, which is a huge perk. In addition, I like the 17.5″ wrist wrap that encloses the glove for extra security. There’s never an issue with wrist security when gripped with these gloves. Lastly, I thought these were a pretty durable option.

The Aoliga Workout Gloves are my second pick for grip supporting gloves. Their rubber material on the palm and thumb were great at accommodating multiple forms of exercise. They have a 19″ wrist wrap, which is plenty of material for a variety of users and will wrap multiple times around the wrist. My main takeaway with this glove was how locked in it made me feel on metal surfaces.

My final pick for grip is the Contraband Women’s Weightlifting GloveThis glove doesn’t offer the longer wrist wrap, but does a good job at providing a solid grip with the material on its palm and thumb. For anyone who likes having a strong grip and doesn’t want an incredible amount of glove to come along with it, then this would be a good option for you.

Best Lifting Gloves for Pull Ups

The Aoliga Workout Gloves were my favorite gloves for pull-ups for two stand out reasons.

First, and probably the biggest reason, is the rubber texture this glove uses. I thought that it promoted grip very well and never experienced any slippage. Your muscles might give out, but this glove’s grip won’t. Second, I really like the longer wrist wrap that comes along with this glove. If you truly want to focus on lat development, then these gloves are a good option because they provide additional support for the wrists.

The SEEU Weight Lifting Gloves are my second pick for pull-ups, and these are for reasons similar to my first pick. A great pull-up glove will support your performance and allow you to fully focus on the task at hand. I thought this glove’s wrist support was solid and dotted rubber texture provided me with a locked in feeling on the bar.

Best Lifting Gloves Review
Best Lifting Gloves Review

My final pick for best gloves for pull-ups are the Harbinger BioForm™ Wristwrap GlovesI like the construction Harbinger put into this glove and I don’t think they’ll break down quickly on anyone. In addition, I like the wrist wrap they use because it’s a little thicker than other models on the market, so even if your wrist strength is lagging, you can still focus on your pull-up form well.

Best Lifting Gloves for Deadlifts

My favorite lifting glove for deadlifts is the MAVA Cross Training Lifting Glove.

To be honest, if you’re maximally lifting, then a glove may be a little limiting, so I took that into consideration with my picks. The reason the MAVA Cross Training Lifting Glove makes my number one spot is because there’s no thumb material, which is great for hook gripping the bar. Also, I liked that the thumb is free, so even an offset grip can be enhanced.

The Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Glove was my second pick for deadlifts. These gloves are built a little different than your standard lifting glove. For starters, these gloves have a waffle like construction, so there’s no constricting finger holes. I thought this could be a good perk for anyone offset gripping their deadlift and was mostly concerned with hand protection. I also thought their rubber inserts gripped knurling fairly well.

The Harbinger BioForm™ Wristwrap Gloves are a pair of the heavier designed gloves on this list. I thought their leather surface was constructed well and they won’t break down prematurely from knurling. In addition, I liked their BioForm material, which helped the hand truly squeeze the barbell and mold around the knurling. These may not be the best glove for maximal pulls, but they’re good at providing protection.

Best Lifting Gloves for Women

The Contraband Women’s Weightlifting Glove is my top pick for lifting gloves designed specifically for women.

These gloves are a little lighter in construction and provide a decent amount of grip support. Their rubber inserts supported gripping multiple surfaces well, which is a nice perk for versatility. Additionally, these gloves hugged the hands pretty well, so smaller handed athletes shouldn’t worry about them not fitting their hands tightly.

Best Lifting Gloves Review
Best Lifting Gloves Review

The Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting Glove earns my second gloves pick for women athletes. This glove offers two straps, which in my opinion, is a big perk for achieving maximal glove tightness. On the top of the palm there’s a strap, so if you have a skinny hand, then you won’t a problem pulling these gloves tight enough.

My final pick for women athletes was the Harbinger Pro Wristwrap GlovesWhat earned these gloves their spot on my list was the extra wrist support and thicker construction. If you’re concerned about wrist support and hand protection, then these gloves are a good bet. They hugged my hand tight and I never got a sense of premature. The heavier built palm was a nice touch for additional reassurance of callus prevention.

Best Lifting Gloves for Small Hands

The best lifting gloves for small hands are the Harbinger FlexFit™ Lifting Gloves.

As their name suggests, the Harbinger FlexFit™ Lifting Gloves are designed to provide one with a perfect fitting glove. Harbinger designed these gloves to fit a little more snug, but also stretch to the point that perfect fits an athlete’s hands. I thought these were solid gloves and fit very snug from the start. In addition, they stretch well, so there’s no awkward air gap in the middle of the palm.

The Contraband Women’s Weightlifting Glove earns my second pick for small hand aiding gloves. These gloves are designed for the female athlete, so they’re naturally made a little smaller. I thought these gloves did a great job at ensuring there’s no extra space between the thumb and palm, which is often a concern for those with smaller hands. In addition, they hugged the wrist well, so if you have small wrists, too, then you won’t have stress a loose velcro fit.

My final pick for small hands are the Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting GlovesThese gloves make my last pick for one stand out reason, and that’s the upper hand strap. Not many gloves have multiple straps, so I thought this was a nice feature for anyone with slimmer hands. If you’re worried about the glove hugging the hand tight from a width standpoint, then these would be a good fit for you.

Best Lifting Gloves for Kettlebells

The Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Gloves earn my number one pick for kettlebell focused gloves.

For kettlebell use, a glove that has leather is often your best bet because it allows the kettlebell to rotate a little bit. Often times, a rubber inserted glove can actually limit the way a kettlebell moves in cleans and snatches. I thought the Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Gloves were solidly constructed gloves that promoted kettlebell use well. Additionally, these gloves didn’t feel as though they’d break down quickly.

My second gloves pick for kettlebells are the Harbinger FlexFit™ Lifting Gloves. Similar to my first pick, these gloves are constructed with a heavier leather. This leather worked well on both steel and powder coat kettlebells, which is a huge factor to consider when looking for kettlebell focused gloves. The main difference between these and the Pro Wristwrap gloves are they lack the wrist support.

The SEEU Weight Lifting Glove is my final pick for gloves that would support kettlebell workouts well. They have rubber dots on the palm, which I thought didn’t limit the swing in a kettlebell much, and I really liked the wrist wrap these gloves offer. If you want a supportive glove that holds the kettlebell really tight, then these gloves would be a good choice for you.

Best Lifting Gloves for Sweaty Hands

My favorite glove for sweaty hands are the Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Glove

These gloves are unique because there’s no back to them, so there’s a ton of breathability no matter the circumstance. If you find a glove with a wrist wrap or heavy leather gets to sweaty, then these may be a good option. No matter the movement I was doing I thought these gloves did a fairly good job at providing my hand with enough air to avoid getting overly sweaty.

The MAVA Cross Training Lifting Gloves are my second pick for sweaty hands. These gloves also offer a bit more breathability because they don’t have the enclosed thumb. I’ve found that the thumb’s crease is often one of the sweatiest spots on the hand during workouts, so this glove did a pretty good job at remedying this problem.

My final pick for sweaty hands are the Trideer Ultralight Weight Lifting GloveThis glove is made out of leather, which can accumulate sweat, but to counter this, Trideer included a stretchy mesh on the back of the hand. I thought this was a good feature to allow maneuverability and air to reach a possibly sweaty hand. Also, there’s a second strap on the top of the hand, so that can be undone to allow extra air flow.

Best Lifting Gloves to Prevent Calluses

The Harbinger BioForm™ Wristwrap Gloves were my top pick for a glove focused on callus prevention.

Harbinger’s gloves are often heavier than others, which is a great perk if hand protection is your main concern. The Harbinger BioForm™ Wristwrap Gloves are a pair of the heavier designed gloves I’ve tried. I thought their double leather surface was a solid feature, which provided the full palm plenty of protection from knurling and other metal surfaces. Also, the glove felt pretty heavily made, which is is nice because that’s usually the worst part of the glove to experience wear and tear.

My second glove pick for calluses is the Aoliga Workout Gloves. This glove is decently thick with rubber inserts and will keep your hand safe from fresh knurling, or any other surface that could cause calluses to start. There’s additional rubber inserts covering the palm and fingers, which provide additional support to prevent any form of hand wear and tear.

The Grip Power Pad Pro Lifting Gloves earn my final pick for best gloves to prevent calluses. These gloves are constructed with a thicker leather and mesh with rubber inserts. The finger and thumb rubber inserts cover the areas where calluses are usually prevalent, so I thought they were good picks for callus prevention.

Wrapping Up

Like other forms of supportive strength gear, not every glove is constructed equal. Each glove offers a unique take on performance and hand protection, and before making a choice I’d recommend exploring every option. In addition, it may be worth making a quick list of glove traits you’d like most in your perfect glove in relation to your main purpose for purchasing them.