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Category: CrossFit Games

CrossFit Open Workout 19.5

CrossFit® Open Workout 19.5 Announced

This year’s CrossFit Open has been without a doubt, one of the most interesting Opens in the sport of CrossFit’s history. From all the 2019 CrossFit Games changes, it’s been a long and

CrossFit Open Workout 19.4

CrossFit® Open Workout 19.4 Announced

Welp, we are officially closing in on the end of the 2019 CrossFit Open. This week, CrossFit Open Workout 19.4 was announced live from four locations including Brazil, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands.

CrossFit Open Workout 19.3

CrossFit® Open Workout 19.3 Announced

Three down, two to go. We are officially three weeks into the 2019 CrossFit Open and the workouts are not slowing down anytime soon. CrossFit Open Workout 19.2 was a strength and power


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