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ladder greens

Ladder Greens Review: Better Than a Multivitamin?

What does ‘high potency superfoods’ mean when Arnold Schwarzenegger is telling you to drink them? Today we wanted to take a look at the green superfood powder from Ladder, the new supplement company

beer muscles

Is Beer Actually a Good Post-Workout Drink?

Working out is typically an invigorating, cathartic experience and after winding up and sweating your guts out, many enjoy winding down with a cold beer and a gym buddy or two. So when


5 Things Most Athletes Miss About Digestive Health

If you’re concerned about PRs and muscle gain, it might not make sense to hear that digestive health should be a priority. Maybe you’re young, or you never experience indigestion, or you’re already

Perfect Pre and Post-HIIT Workout Meals

5 Perfect Pre and Post-HIIT Workout Meals

Everyone has them — the perfect pre and post-workout meals. These are the foolproof, fail safe meals that always provide the perfect level of satiation, energy, and taste to power through and recover


Is a Low Fat Diet Really Ideal for Athletes?

If you’re sedentary and trying to lose weight, there’s a case to be made for limiting carbohydrate intake and increasing fat. But if you exercise regularly, and especially if you’re interested in gaining

coffee beans

Does Caffeine Really Cancel Out Creatine?

Every athlete is looking for an edge. Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant on Earth — it’s estimated that 90 percent of Americans consume it every day — and creatine is the


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