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Category: Nutrition

PharmaFreak Greens Freak Greens Powder Review

With promises like one scoop delivering the antioxidants of a dozen serves of vegetables, the greens powder industry seems intent on replacing the multivitamin. Made from the freeze-dried or light-dried remains of fruits, vegetables and herbs,

What to Eat Before an Olympic Weightlifting Meet

What you eat before you exercise should depend on what kind of exercise you’re doing. If you’re doing a medium- to high-rep functional fitness workout, L-citrulline might be useful. Powerlifters might devour a box of

Donuts and barbell plates

8 Things You Should Do the Week Before a Powerlifting Meet

Peaking, cutting, sodium manipulation, carb loading, electrolyte replenishment — and we haven’t even mentioned the mental game. The week before a powerlifting meet contains a ton of variables and can be enormously stressful on the


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