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Episode 5

The World of Wellbeing with Serena Oppenheim of Good Zing

Sometimes, the most inspiring professional journeys include more twists and turns than a haunted house. Serena Oppenheim’s path has even more than most. While she didn’t initially set out to create a new model for health and wellbeing content, the company she founded — Good Zing — is doing just that. And for Serena, her personal story is as crucial to the company’s growth as any partnership or strategic hire.

Today, Good Zing is a site with over 200 experts and 2,500 health tips covering more than 180 topics for users who have questions about better living. But once upon a time, it was Serena’s passion project, forged out of a desire for more accessible, relatable online wellness content. In this episode of The Media Mindset, we discuss the company’s starts, stops, and triumphs, along with some hard-hitting questions about how to establish expertise online (and where online content can still come up short).

Ever wondered how to build expertise for your brand? Or how to recruit experts to get involved? Spoiler: For Serena, that used to include cold calls and a ton of relationship building. Now, Good Zing is a well-oiled machine with a robust community of experts and contributors to match. Serena gives us her why early on. Then she joins our host on a deep-dive into the how.

In Episode 5, you’ll learn about:

  • Serena’s total career change and how she ended up a media entrepreneur
  • How to attract experts and authoritative folks to contribute to your brand
  • Health certifications and other methods to add trust to your website
  • And much, much more!

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Special thanks to Serena Oppenheim, Founder of GoodZing.com, for joining us this week!


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